A well designed network offers many advantages in a
home or office environment. Almost every asset of a
network can be utilised by all attached computers. This
can be files, printers, cameras, music, etc. This can
include computers outside of your office as well. Staff
members can access the office and work from home. The
sales team can obtain or transfer real time data
Computer  video conferencing can save time and money
by eliminating or scaling back travel expenses
Resources such as printers can be shared.Text documents
can be inexpensively printed on  laser printers while color
documents can printed on inkjet printers. This can be a
substantial savings for home or office. A low price laser
printer can produce as many as 5000 black and white
pages per cartridge as compared to an injets 300.Save the
injet for color projects
Security cameras can be viewed by any computer on your
network or remotely from the internet
Files can be shared by any computer on a network
allowing real time viewing of data and multiple access.
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