Modem Setup:

1. Installing Phone Filters:

You must install the included Phone Line Filters on every device
(phones, fax machine, satellite receivers etc.) that is connected to
the same line as your new DSL.
Installing DSL Modem
Plug the included Phone Line Splitter into your Wall Jack. If you
are going to be using another device (phone, fax machine, satellite
receiver etc.) plug-in one of your Phone Line filters into the Splitter
and then plug your phone into the filter. On the other side of the
splitter hookup your DSL modem directly with the supplied phone
cable. Be sure to plug it into the LINE or DSL port on the back of
your modem.

Make sure your computer is turned off.

Take the supplied Ethernet cable and plug it into the LAN or
ETHERNET port on the back of the modem. Plug the other end of
the cable into the Ethernet port on the computer.

Plug the supplied power cord into the modem and then into an
available plug nearby. Once you plug-in the power supply, the
modem will turn on automatically. If there is a switch on the back
of the modem make sure to flip it to the ON position.

Once the READY, SYNC/PPPoE or LINE light on the front of the
modem stops blinking, turn your computer on and you will be
ready to surf the internet!

If the READY, SYNC/PPPoE or LINE light continues to blink for
longer than a few minutes and it is PAST your scheduled due date
for DSL, please call your provider
                          In South Florida Call AT&T
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