A well designed time study can be very
revealing. How long does it take a secretary's
computer to boot or a certain program to start ?
By observing little things like these and
performing upgrades or small tweaks individual
worker efficiency can be increased. Time is
money. One of our time studies revealed a
saving of three hours per week per employee
in an office of eight people. Training ,upgrades,
or tweaks will save you time. A simple
evaluation can save you money.
             Call us.
To us ,nothing is more beautiful than a well
designed and maintained office network. Call
us geeks, but that's how we think. New
Hardware and software , when installed and
configured properly, can actually save money
in the long run. Everything runs faster and
more efficiently.  Remember, time is money.
Call and find out how much we can save you.
In todays business world  a website is  an
essential tool. Internet advertising is not only
very chic it is very effective.  An Internet
website is found by someone searching for
something specific to that site  Plus the
website runs twenty-four hours a day, seven
days a week,
world-wide !
We can build a website to fit your budget
whether it is personal or business, Local or
worldwide. We also offer website promotion
services. Call. We are here to help
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