In this day and age you should have ,and maintain, a good anti- virus program. Not to
do so can damage your computer and allows your computer to serve as a base to infect
everyone else on the internet.
An infected computer constantly sends viruses to everyone in your  address book .
More and more new viruses can infect computers that are simply online, using your
machine as a base, email or not. A year ago an unprotected computer would be
attacked within forty five minutes of accessing the internet. Today that figure is down
to twelve minutes.  It is almost criminal not to have anti-virus software.
In 2004 one hundred thousand viruses were released. You should make sure your AV
software is updated. This process can be set up to be done automatically or can be
done manually.
Some anti-virus programs are free. In our experience,  you generally get what you pay
for. A good AV program can cost as little as forty dollars. Or you can pay someone
hundreds of dollars to re-install everything back onto your computer. We have
provided links below to several AV vendors. If you would like to add any others please
feel free to contact us. We highly recommend
It has recently come to our attention that Symantec is
having problems when customers upgrade from older
versions of their AV software.
Here is a link to their tool
that should be run after the older version is uninstalled
in "Add Remove Programs" in the control panel. After
this step has been accomplished, return to the tool
webpage and follow the instructions. This procedure is
not for the faint of heart but it will work. Be patient
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